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"The ocean" that's what Adrian will answer when asked what inspires him to paint, waves, skies, rocks and dream like beaches. This is what he loves and has studied on a daily basis for over 15 years .

Growing up on the Central coast of N.S.W gave Adrian the opportunity of surfing every morning, getting up at daylight and watching the sun break through the clouds, the sun glowing through the waves. "It's the most enjoyable study of a subject that's possible," comments Adrian.

This love and dedication of the sea has helped turn Adrian into one of the best seascape artists in the country.

At 15 years old Adrian convinced a local surfboard manufacture to give him a start, and since then has become one of the best surfboard artist in the world.Currently Adrian is the international surfboard artist for surfwear giant Billabong International and Js industries, painting up to 100 boards a week for shops and there top professional surfers including 3x world champ Andy Irons, his brother Bruce and current 7x champ Kelly Slater.

Moving to the Gold Coast several years ago to concerntrate on this art has been a step that has cemented a very bright future,"I love painting boards but the feeling when I finish a canvas and have captured a special moment, that's really satisfying.

Recently opening a gallery on the Tweed River ten minutes south of the Gold Coast boarder has given Adrian the chance to show of the wide variety of his work, not just seascapes but abstract and contempory pieces as well. "Although my work is in several galleries along the east coast, most have many artists and don't have the room to display the variety of my work, so I opened a gallery that allows me to show between 70 and 100 pieces at a time, not just 7 or 8."

Most of what you will see are glimpses of spots on the Gold Coast or Tweed Coast beaches, some are from trips to Indonesia and Hawaii, and some are just dream scapes that Adrian hopes to stumble upon some where down the road. Some you might know but im sure you will enjoy it all, welcome to the art of Adrian Robert Turner.

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